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Tealight Selection

A mini scent experience of all five of our unique scents for you to try.

This pack includes:

1 x KNYSNA 2.0:  Rose Geranium + Mandarin.  An exotic blend of fresh crisp geraniums and sweet warm mandarin oils.

1 x MILAN 2.0:   Green fig + Bergamot + Jasmine. This warm juxtapose of aromas is a delicate creamy smooth scent. A sophisticated fig flavour, with a light citrusy infusion and a hint of jasmine notes

1 x WINDSOR 2.0:   Leather + Vanilla + Cedarwood.  This fragrance is soft, masculine, musky, and sensual.

1 x SYDNEY 2.0:  Patchouli + Lavender. Light, fresh and floral with calming, relaxing notes.

1 x SICILY 2.0:  Neroli + Pettigrain + Lemon.  Warming, exotic and fruity, this delicious scent will lift and inspire any room.  

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