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Candle and Diffuser Gift Set - CORFU 2.0

Greek Basil + Lime Zest

The Corfu 2.0 Candle and Diffuser Gift Set is an exquisitely designed combination of luxurious aromas that will give your home or special occasion an uplifting punch of summer energy. Featuring a powerful blend of Greek Basil, essential oils, and lime zest, the set carries an inspired Quiet Blue hue that radiates crisp floral aroma all around your space.

The Scentiment

This non-toxic and pcos-supportive blend offers the perfect companion for moments where you need enhanced focus and concentration. The calming, destressing aroma helps to alleviate the effects of menopause, while the uplifting citrusy notes create a happy and energizing environment. And to make it all the better, the gift set comes packaged with a beautiful Corfu 2.0 candle and diffuser, perfect for housewarmings, couples or anyone keen to add a bit of Summer to their lives.

Try out the Corfu 2.0 Candle and Diffuser Gift Set today and see the power of its powerful, energy-boosting aroma for yourself. With its beautiful design, this set is sure to bring a smile to any home. Create a calming and energizing environment for you and your loved ones for any special occasion with the Corfu 2.0 Candle and Diffuser Gift Set.

Full sized CORFU 2.0 candle and matching reed diffuser with natural grey reeds. Beautifully presented in luxurious black gift box.

Candle care instruction include wildflower seeds to sprinkle in your garden, to encourage biodiversity for butterflies and bees. 

Great for positivity, energy and concentration.

Our 280ml candles burn for around 50 hours.

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