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Chamonix 1.0 Seasonal Candle

Pine + Cedarwood + Eucalyptus

Inspired by this vibrant world-class resort town in the French Alps, our fresh festive blend is refined, elegant and joyous. A captivating refreshing fragrance reminiscent of snow-capped peaks, bright blue skies, ancient glaciers and pine-covered hillsides.

The Scentiment

Pine essential oil is refreshing, crisp and woodsy for that energetic family fun.

Cedarwood oils are known to improve concentration, relax the body and ease tension (perfect to diffuse any added family stress over the holidays)

Eucalyptus is a well loved scent, it's refreshing, energising and yet has a soothing effect on the mind

Great for fun, stress relieving and energy.

Burn this captivating, luxurious scent in your dining/living room to create that inviting homely space and relax this festive season.

300ml - burn time around 60 hours.


**When ordering, please add in notes section if you would like a Gift tube included.

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