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Montreux 1.0 Seasonal Candle

Gingerbread + All Spice + Clove

Inspired by this postcard Swiss town, which is surrounded by nature and buzzing with a lively culture. Relish the smells of scrumptious freshly baked gingerbread cookies, which waft through the air during their famous, month long Noel Christmas markets.

The Scentiment

Ginger essential Oil is stimulating and warming, enhances concentration and it can soothe and reduce feelings of stress, sadness and fatigue.

Nutmeg essential oil exudes a warming, relaxing, spicy aroma that can energize the mind as well as deeply soothe the senses.

Clove oil scent is stimulating to the brain, makes you more attentive and can even make you feel more energetic.

Great for positivity, energy and concentration.

Burn this delicious, luxurious scent in your dining/living room to create that inviting homely space and rejoice this festive season.


300ml - burn time around 60 hours.


**When ordering, please add in notes section if you would like a Gift tube included.

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