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Small Candle

Select from MILAN 2.0, CORFU 2.0, WINDSOR 2.0 or SICILY 2.0.

Please note, all of our small candles come in a 90ml clear glass, re-usable container with a cotton wick.



Bergamot + Green Fig + Jasmine

A juxtaposition of Milan's high style and luxurious elegance with Bergamo's old town eclectic and charming ambience. This fragrance is a soft and creamy scent with a fusion of citrusy bergamot and warm green figs, and finished with a delightful hint of jasmine.

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Greek Basil + Lime Zest

The island of Corfu was the inspiration behind Quiet Blue - the quiet azure Mediterranean seas, white pebble beaches, and exquisite food, people and architecture. We fell in love at first sight. This special combination of light Greek basil infused with citrusy lime oils and a touch of orange blossom smells like a summer holiday in a glass.

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Leather + Cedarwood + Vanilla

From manicured polo fields to wooded forests in the Great Park, the Royal Windsor area is our beautiful home ground. This magical scent evokes the prancing of horses, rustle of fallen leaves, and a hint of the sweet vanilla scent of ice-cream covered hands. A masculine, regal and enchanting aroma.

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Neroli + Pettigrain + Lemon

Inspired by the stunning Italian island, our delightful combination of neroli and pettigrain from the orange tree mixed with lemon oils are a burst of fruity sunshine. This powerful scent fills any room with high energy and the light, carefree spirit of summer - perfect to cheer up any day.

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