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St Moritz Seasonal Candle

Juniper + Cedarwood + Cinnamon Bark

This famous and extraordinary alpine resort town, surrounded by quaint villages and sprinkled with Christmas trees inspired this woody festive scent. A luxurious and sophisticated fragrance for your comforting and elegant Christmas.

The Scentiment

Juniper berry oils are woody, spicy and clean and have a grounding, calming effect.

Cedarwood oils are known to improve concentration, relax the body and ease tension (perfect to diffuse any added family stress over the holidays)

Cinnamon Bark is known to reduce drowsiness, irritability and help relax the body.

Great for grounding, relaxation and concentration.

Burn this luxurious scent in your dining/living room to create that inviting festive atmosphere.


300ml - burn time around 60 hours.

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