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Travel Candle

All fragrances available in 100ml tin travel container with a lid, repurposable handy container.


Rose Geranium + Mandarin [naartjie]

This delightful blend of fresh, floral African rose geranium and sweet fruity mandarin essential oils (also known as naartjies or satsumas) is remarkable at helping to relieve insomnia, nervousness, anxiety and ease mental fatigue.  Geranium oil  is known to calm nervous conditions and hormone-related mood swings. Great for relaxation, easing anxiety and helping with sleep.


Patchouli + Lavender

Our bestselling light-hearted and rejuvenating fragrance is a tranquil and calming scent brings a light, fresh and subtle aroma.  With exotic and floral patchouli essential oils complementing calming lavender. Patchouli & Lavender are used in meditation and help achieve relaxation and alleviate stress. Great for relaxation, calming and meditation.


Bergamot + Green Fig + Jasmine

This fragrance fusion blend is a soft and creamy scent with citrusy bergamot and warm green figs, and finished with a delightful hint of jasmine.  These fig oils promote an overall sense of wellbeing and is believed to promote good luck. Bergamot elevates the mood and alleviates stress, whilst jasmine is a rousing scent that acts as an aphrodisiac.


Greek Basil + Lime zest

This special combination of light Greek basil infused with citrusy lime oils and a touch of orange blossom smells like a summer holiday in a tin.These happy oils are uplifting powerful, and energy-boosting, to help increase alertness whilst reducing stress and anxiety. The basil is floral and crisp, believed to have a fortifying effect on a person’s mind and emotions. Great for positivity, energy and concentration. 


Neroli + Petitgrain + Lemon

Inspired by the stunning Italian island, this delightful combination of neroli and petitgrain from the orange tree mixed with lemon oils are a  burst of fruity sunshine. This high energy scent creates a feeling of lightness and carefree spirit of summer.  These powerful fruity oils are believed to help the brain release serotonin. Lemon oils are sharp, fruity and refreshing, further helping to promote a positive mood. Great for happinesspositivity and contentment.


Leather + Cedarwood + Vanilla

This magical scent evokes thoughts of prancing of horses, rustle of fallen leaves, and a hint of the sweet vanilla ice-cream. Enchanting musky, sensual scent is smoky, woody and earthy like leather. It has a grounding, mellow and exotic fragrance that is reassuring and emotionally balancing.




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