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WINDSOR 2.0 Candle

Leather + Cedarwood + Vanilla

Introducing the Windsor 2.0 candle – the perfect blend of cedarwood, leather, and vanilla essential oils to bring a sense of grounding and emotional balance to your home. Our bestselling candle is inspired by our hometown, and the feeling of walking through the majestic forest of the Great Park.

Feel the warmth of the woody and earthy scents, while the leather and vanilla notes settle in and destress your mind and soul. Experience true luxury, like taking a stroll in a beautiful forest, with the Windsor 2.0 candle. 

The Scentiment
The essential oils in this candle are carefully selected to ensure the perfect balance of aromas that truly invite relaxation and emotional balance. Light the Windsor 2.0 candle, and feel the stress and worries melt away as the scents envelope your home. Experience the sensation of walking through the forest of the Great Park with the Windsor 2.0 candle. 

Great for grounding, emotional balance and reassurance.

Our 300ml candles burn for around 60 hours.


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