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WINDSOR 2.0 Candle

[previously known as Leather]

Leather + Cedarwood + Vanilla

From manicured polo fields to wooded forests in the Great Park, the Royal Windsor area is our beautiful home ground. This magical scent evokes the prancing of horses, rustle of fallen leaves, and a hint of the sweet vanilla scent of ice-cream covered hands. A masculine, regal and enchanting aroma.

The Scentiment

This musky, sensual scent is smoky, woody and earthy like leather. It has a grounding, mellow and exotic fragrance that is reassuring and emotionally balancing. The earthy combination is also ideal for use in spiritual practices. 

Great for grounding, emotional balance and reassurance.

Burn this in your home office to keep you grounded, or gift it to your dad, brother, husband or boyfriend for a masculine but luxurious scent experience.

Our 300ml candles burn for around 60 hours.

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