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Menopause, stress and how toxins mimic hormones:

Menopause, stress and how toxins mimic hormones:

Menopause is a significant life transition that women nowadays approach openly and with a healthier perspective than in previous generations. The stage leading up to menopause, called perimenopause, is when most symptoms occur due to the body producing fewer hormones like oestrogen. This change can result in symptoms like altered periods, mood swings, brain fog, hot flashes, stress, anxiety and insomnia among others.

During this phase of life, women may experience numerous changes, including shifts in family dynamics, career transitions, and evolving priorities. Quiet Blue offers a comprehensive approach to holistic care for patients or clients, prioritising their overall wellbeing through prescriptive aromatherapy blends of essential oils. The new SAIL wellbeing collection is inspired to support women during this transitional phase of life and ‘sail through the menopause’ gracefully.  Many luxury brands use toxic carcinogenic paraffin wax, as well as endocrine disrupting synthetic fragrance oils.

Why toxins are so disrupting to our endocrine system?
Because Toxins mimic hormones. Hormones need to bind to our cell receptors to perform specific jobs and keep us feeling balanced. If we have toxins sitting on these receptors instead, hormones are unable to do their job, and we start experiencing all sort of symptoms associated with this dis-balance. That is why it is so important to reduce the toxic load.

Quiet Blue candles are natural soy candles, ethically sourced, eco-friendly and
sustainable. The organic aromatherapy candles are an excellent tool to deal with day to day stress. Like most body imbalances, stress is the main cause of hormonal upset. When we are stressed, we release cortisol, and cortisol wants to fill the blood with sugar. Sweet treats bring inflammation in the gut, which means inflammation in the brain. This means brain fog, memory loss, reduced immunity and moodiness.

Stress lives in the future worries or the guilty past. If we can come back to the “here and now” we can de activate the stress. The body does this using the senses, as they can only operate in the present. By using your sense of smell you are bringing yourself to the actual present. Quiet Blue's, SAIL / Sydney 2.0 fragrance targets the symptoms of stress and anxiety with a carefully crafted blends of patchouli and lavender essential oils.

Both Patchouli and Lavender oils have a harmonising and stabilising effect on the mind when overthinking and worrying tend to destabilise one’s self confidence.
The earthy sweet notes of Patchouli grounds the mind and awakens creativity while Lavender can assist our responses to unproductive stress of any kind.

Lavender’s anxiolytic effects have been well documented through years of clinical
trials. It is best known for its sleeping enhancing properties, especially when the
insomnia is due to mental stress and anxiety. It warms the heart and calms the
emotions by promoting awareness to nurture ourselves while travelling the river of
life. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other senses. The
olfactory bulb is the only place in the body where the central nervous system is
exposed to the environment. Hence our brain is designed to use aroma to heal and soothe itself, shifting our perspective, our vibe and helping us physically and

Brain Fog
When women start to move into menopause, oestrogen levels start to decline and
this major component regulates the brain. Changes in oestrogen levels will affect the brain, bones, blood vessels, breast tissue, the bladder, urethra and the skin.
There is not a direct link in science to conclude why ladies transitioning through peri-menopause to menopause suffer from ‘Meno-brain’ but it is acknowledged that a link exists. Concentration and memory loss ranges from forgetting someone’s name, misplacing your keys and being distracted in a conversation, to being unable to make decisions.

The key here is to bring calmness, because the brain can’t clearly think in that
moment of panic, it has activated the flight or fight response. In fact, there is another element to flight or fight that isn’t often mentioned and that’s freeze. Flight, fight or freeze. More often than not, in this situation the freeze response is activated, and there we have a mental block.

Staying calm, regulating the breathing pattern by encouraging deep breaths and
allowing the mind to think clearly will bring the concentration back.

The Signature blend of Greek Basil & Lime essential oils found in SAIL / Corfu 2.0 candle is specifically formulated to address lack of concentration.  Lime offers invigorating and refreshing qualities, while basil provides clarity and focus, synergistically working to lift the mental haze that often accompanies brain fog.

Basil essential oil encourages positivity, assertiveness, decisiveness and strength. The sharp spicy scent brings balance and clarity to our inner emotions and generates a sense of security as we express ourselves in a positive

The fresh, tangy scent of Lime refreshes the emotions, allowing our feelings to be
explored and released constructively. It’s ideal to alleviate mental fogginess and
fatigue, specially when we wake up in the morning feeling low energy.
Through this carefully curated blend, Quiet Blue seeks to offer a natural solution for those seeking mental clarity and sharpness, not only for women in menopause but also for teenagers studying for their exams.

Low Mood
In its ongoing pursuit of holistic care, Quiet Blue introduces the
SAIL / Sicily 2.0 fragrance, a Signature blend of Neroli, Petitgrain &
lavender essential oils. Available in both candle and reed diffuser forms, Sicily 2.0
harnesses the power of Neroli and Petitgrain essential oils to uplift the spirit and restore emotional balance.

Neroli, derived from the blossoms of bitter orange trees, exudes
a delicate floral aroma known for its calming and mood-enhancing properties. Neroli brings awareness to the present moment helping us to resolve blocks, helping us manifest our deepest and highest aspirations. Complementing this, Petitgrain, extracted from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, offers a refreshing citrusy scent that promotes relaxation, mental clarity, gives us the strength and courage to move forward during difficult and challenging times.  Lavender promotes emotional stability and renewal and is recommended for mental confusion, irritability, anger, mood swings and depression. When we Inhale the aromatic compounds of Lavender, the Limbic brain releases the endorphin called serotonin “the happy hormone” which has a profound relaxing effect on the body.  All in all, this blend is a beacon of support for individuals navigating low mood and the challenges of menopause.

In conclusion, embracing menopause as another phase of life is achievable with the help of aromatherapy and a holistic approach. Women can navigate this transition with grace and enjoy a happy, healthy journey.

Guest Blog by Clarisa Ayllon our exceptionally talented Clinical Aromatherapist based in Surrey, whom we adore working with to develop our aromatherapy blends: Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. - Trained with The Well School in 2018, Diploma awarded by IFPA: International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists.

Words from Clarisa; 'My true passion is to share with you my knowledge on natural remedies to empower you to become the CEO of your own health and your family’s wellbeing with a big focus on prevention. I feel lucky because I love what I do, and the people I get to help.'

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