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About Us

 Whilst Africa was the beginning of our story, when we moved over to Windsor, Berkshire in 2008, we’ve been on a quest to travel and experience as many different cultures, sights and countries as possible. Our tribe is an eclectic mix Bob is from Zambia and I’m from Zimbabwe, Mitch (eldest), Sydney & Tom (twins) were all born in South Africa and Scruffy & Maui our team mascots (dogs) are UK born & bred.

We all have a bit of a creative flair and a deep rooted love for nature and conservation. Bob is the Professional Photographer, I have a degree in Interior design, Sydney loves architecture and also has an artistic eye for photography. Tom wants to be an Actor but is also studying art, so he’s been in charge of all the branding & creating our designs. Mitch on the other hand sails around the world as one of the crew on a super yacht (he calls it ’work’… but none of us believe him ☺)

After an endearing holiday to Corfu in 2020, we were enchanted by the people, countryside, the architectural mix of ruins & modern homes, not to mention the stunning white pebble beaches and crystal azure seas. On returning home, in the midst of Covid, and the looming knowledge of quarantines and future travel restrictions, we were inspired to curate a collection of luxury artisanal products that have their own captivating stories and travels. Items that are ethical and handcrafted, that are made with passion and soul; and have core values of kindness to flora & fauna.

Our first collection of scents, tastes and textures was collated to enjoy whilst we are all staying in more or working from home. A juxtapose of Mediterranean moods, African anecdotes and a celebration of local British bliss that evokes dreams or recalls memories of many travels.

We hope you enjoy…

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