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Our philosophy is simple; we believe in clean, uncomplicated luxury. Inspired by the natural resources of the African continent where we grew up, a love for travel and a commitment to natural wellbeing, Quiet Blue luxury artisanal candles are the result of our belief that the most exquisite scents are grounded in nature and curated by the vivid fragrances of Earth’s natural flora and fauna.
Your sense of smell is precious and we are as passionate about utilising the best possible natural ingredients as we are about connecting you with our scent laden safari across the Globe.  We want you to inhale a clean fragrance, not one that is tinged with paraffin, silicones, or artificial dyes, so we take extraordinary care to source ethical, natural ingredients as we work with niche artisanal specialists based right here in the UK.
Our products are entirely plastic free and our formulas are never tested on animals.

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