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Self Care Nature

49 Self-Care Activities to do alone, and with others..... (and how to confidently prioritise ourselves to serve our loved ones)

Written by Laura Singer

We hear about it everywhere these days…'Self-Care'– it can mean very different things to different people and it comes with a wide range of connotations too, both positive and negative.


Many of us have been raised to learn the importance of putting others first, caring about their needs more than our own and aspiring to be continuously giving to our friends, families, companies and community. This way of being has often been celebrated across religious teaching, the media, literature and corporate culture, and has then trickled down into smaller communities where these expectations continue to exist.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

How to choose thoughtful Christmas Gifts this year

Written by Jackie Stapleton

5 questions to ask yourself (...and how your friends and family will benefit)

Christmas Gifts…for a lot of us they are something that we think about and purchase every single year. They can bring a lot of joy, but also at times, understandably, a lot of stress when trying to get it right. In 2021 consumers are prioritising convenience whilst looking, ease of purchase, and gifts that have meaning.

But what other important questions can we ask ourselves to ensure that our buying behaviour can impact our friends, family and indeed the wider world and environment in the most positive ways?

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