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Uses and Benefits of Handmade Soaps

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Maybe you haven't stopped to think about the differences between using natural handmade soap and using conventional soap, or perhaps you don't know what else to use it for if not to wash your hands. Truly artisan and natural soaps have incredible properties for your skin, they are toxin-free, and they don't pollute the environment.


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Soaps are cosmetic products that are used for personal hygiene or for washing objects and can be solid, liquid, cream, or powder.

Soap is basically the result of mixing oils and an alkali (sodium or potassium hydroxide) in such a way that a sodium or potassium salt is created by a process called saponification.

The oil used in the soap saponification process can be vegetable (such as olive, coconut, or almond oil), animal (such as lard) or mineral oils (such as paraffin). This will define the quality and nature of the soap as well as the properties and uses of the product.

Our handmade soaps are made only with natural materials and ALL the oils used are vegetable oils. We do not use any type of mineral or animal oil and we are not in favour of including palm oil or rapeseed oil in our formulas, which, although they make production cheaper, are dispensable for a good formula.

After saponification, the soap must mature for several weeks to be cured and ready for use.

Nowadays, soap making is still a slow and tedious process and that is why many brands have stopped making natural soaps and instead offer soaps made from glycerine or synthetic ingredients that are not suitable for the skin. Their content of preservatives, colourings and toxins make them unhealthy.

On the other hand, today there are many natural and organic cosmetic brands that, like us at Quiet Blue, continue to make their handmade soaps in the traditional way and with natural ingredients that bring their full potential to the skin to cleanse and care for it in a healthy and therapeutic way.


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1. They are made with natural and organic ingredients

Our handmade soaps are made only with natural ingredients such as vegetable oils and butters, botanical extracts, and essential oils to make the best use of the properties of plants and to improve and treat skin problems.

They do not contain preservatives, colourings, or synthetic flavourings and both their colour and aroma are provided by the plants from which they are made. Therefore, the appearance of the soap may change from one batch to another.

2. Packed with skin-enhancing vitamins

Cold saponification ensures that the soaps retain all their properties and so soaps can bring all the therapeutic virtues of oils, butters, and essential oils to the skin as they have not been subjected to heat.

In addition, the natural ingredients used in the production of our soaps are pure and of the highest quality, mostly obtained from certified organic farming. This ensures that the soaps are full of wonderful vitamins and nutrients that are effective for daily skin care.

The predominant oil in all our soaps is extra virgin olive oil, which has great antioxidant, regenerating and emollient properties for the skin.

3. They are multifunctional

Our soaps are designed to be used as a facial or body cleanser because they are formulated without toxic chemicals, due to their supersaturation of oils and their balanced pH. These types of soaps do not dry out your skin, but you should always keep in mind that after cleansing you should moisturise your skin with a Moisturising Cream or Facial Serum.

4. They are vegan

The whole range of handmade soaps is vegan as they only contain ingredients of vegetable origin and of course, they are not tested on animals.

5. They respect the environment

Handmade and natural soap is a biodegradable product that does not contain toxic ingredients or synthetic chemicals, so you can rest assured that you are not polluting the environment.

In addition, all our soaps are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes, so we avoid generating more waste.

6. With essential oils for smooth and rich aromas

Essential oils are essences extracted through the distillation of plants and contain a wealth of active ingredients that work through the sense of smell and the skin. Both their intense floral and wild scent and their therapeutic properties are present in each soap and as soon as you open the box you can begin to feel their presence.

Each handmade soap contains one or more scents that have been chosen to balance (geranium), relax (mandarin) or stimulate your energy (rosemary) and for their wonderful properties to heal and treat skin problems.

7. Effectively cleanses and cares for your skin

The basic function of soap is to cleanse. It is essential that you choose the right soap for your skin type to reap the full benefits of the ingredients it contains. By cleansing you remove the oil that is produced daily on your skin, make-up, or impurities. These elements clog pores and slow down the regeneration process, which can lead to breakouts, darkening of the skin or premature ageing.


So, in conclusion...


The beauty market is full of options so that you can make informed choices about the products you purchase and put on your skin. Why not make decisions that are healthier for you, better for the planet and naturally luxurious?

Shop our soap range here.


Quiet Blue gift box of two Stormy Tide bar soaps.

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