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Whether you love aromatherapy, or simply love to have a nicely scented ethical candle wafting about your home. There’s something so calming about having eco friendly candles dotted around your home. Or artisan soaps waiting to soothe and nourish your hands. It’s even better when you know they’re ethically made, using only natural ingredients.

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In this article we will be discussing the relatively new, family run business Quiet Blue and their range of ethical candles and artisan soaps. Both of which were very kindly gifted to use for this review – however, our opinions are ALWAYS honest to give you the most accurate information possible.

What Does Ethical Mean?

Firstly, before we dive into the wonderful world of candles and soaps, what do we mean when we say something is ethical?

Simply put, ethical means something is relating to its moral principles. Whether something is right or wrong, generally to do with the environment, or the treatment of humans or animals.

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If a product says it is ethical, this would generally mean it has been created using sustainable sources, and hasn’t done any damage to the environment or animals in the process.

What Does Artisan Mean?

Artisan means a product has been made in a traditional or non-mechanised way, using high-quality, natural ingredients or materials.

An artisan is someone who works with their hands and is skilled in their specific trade. Typically they will make items such as – clothes, or items made from leather, wood, or where other natural materials are used. In this article, the term artisan is in relation to making soaps using natural ingredients made by hand.

Who Are Quiet Blue?

As a relatively new family run business, you may not yet of heard much about Quiet Blue – so let’s change that!

Quiet Blue are a small ethical business based in Berkshire in the UK. It’s currently being managed single-handedly by Jackie, a mum of three, who also runs another business on the side.

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Within the Quiet Blue website you will find beautifully hand crafted ethical candles and soaps artisan soaps, along with diffusers and even some framed wall art too! The art has been curated from local artists in the Surrey area, all with a Cornish element to them.

How Soy Wax Is Made

Soy wax is made from vegetable wax that comes from the oil of soybeans. It is primarily used in candles, although it does have other uses as well. Once the oil has been harvested, cleaned, de-hulled (the shells taken off) and rolled in to flakes the oil can then be extracted.

Once extracted, the oil is then hydrogenated. It’s this process that converts the fatty acid in the oil from unsaturated to saturated. It’s this conversion that raises the melting point of the oil, allowing the oil to become solid at room temperature. The soy wax temperature then changes once its lit, allowing the oil to melt, and the candle to burn.

When it comes to soy wax vs beeswax, many prefer to opt for soy wax as it is a vegan alternative. This is one of the main soy wax benefits, especially for those who are ethically minded. So, buying or making candles with soy wax is the more eco friendly choice.

Eco Friendly Soy Wax Candles

Quiet Blue only use sustainable and ethically-sourced, eco friendly soy wax for their range of scented candles. These hand poured candles are also made from pure essential oils and botanical fragrance oils. All of which are paraben and phthalate free. So you know your in good hands when you light one of their soy wax candles in your home.

Their range of candles starts from £4.99 for a set of tea-lights, going up to £34.00 for their signature wooden wick candles.

All of the full size candles have a self trimming wooden wick which creates a cleaner, more even burn. Ensuring less of the candle wax is wasted, and you get to enjoy it for longer. The larger eco friendly candles have a burn time of around 50 hours.

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The Corfu candle, above, is basil and lime scented, with a very fresh and zesty fragrance. Even when its not burning, i can smell the fresh scents wafting around the house. There is something so luxurious about having a candle with a wooden wick, which somehow makes it feel even more cozy to have it burning away in the evenings.

So far, the candle has been burning down very evenly, not really leaving any of the soy wax behind, which is great! Many of the companies that say their candles have a clean burn, i’ve found don’t often actually do that. Whereas so far, this one is doing exactly as advertised.

Artisan Soaps

Moving on to the handmade crafted soaps from Quiet Blue.

The Quiet Blue ethical soaps are made by hand with natural ingredients, using the traditional cold process method. They are all vegan, cruelty and palm oil free, so no nasties here! They will even arrive to your door in eco friendly, and plastic free packaging.

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These handmade soaps would make the perfect gift for someone who loves their soaps, or perhaps someone who loves using natural skincare products. I always give my mum a selection of soaps for her birthday and i know she would love these.

All of their soaps are £8.99, apart from the bundle of 5 which is £33. For a handmade, hand cut soap, made with high quality ingredients, i think that’s a great price.

I went for the Pebble & Clay handcrafted soap which has a beautiful minty fragrance. It’s been on my desk next to me for a few days to take the above photos and the wafts of mint have been amazing! This one stuck out to me for the hydrating aspect – i get such dry hands from over washing.

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I’ve only been using it for about a week so far but i love it! A lot of soaps like this tend to dry out my skin, but so far my hands are definitely more hydrated and smooth. Plus, the minty fresh wafts i get every time i use it are so nice. It smells a lot like The White Company wild mint candle – just without all the nasty chemicals!

Overall Thoughts

I really liked both the hand poured soy wax candle, and the hand crafted soap. They had great fragrances that actually lasted longer than the first use! Both would make great gifts for natural skincare users, eco friendly warriors and even just people who enjoy products made with high quality, natural ingredients.

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Of the two, the soap was my favourite, simply because of the minty wafts it gave me every time i used it.

Which of these ethical candles and soaps would you choose? The hand poured candle, or the artisan soap – perhaps both!

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