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CORFU 2.0 Candle

[previously known as Citrus] 

Greek Basil + Lime Zest

The island of Corfu was the inspiration behind Quiet Blue - the quiet azure Mediterranean seas, white pebble beaches, and exquisite food, people and architecture. We fell in love at first sight. This special combination of light Greek basil infused with citrusy lime oils and a touch of orange blossom smells like a summer holiday in a glass.

The Scentiment

These essential oils are often referred to as ‘happy oils’. Uplifting and powerful, this energy-boosting scent increases alertness whilst reducing stress and anxiety. The basil is floral and crisp, believed to have a fortifying effect on a person’s mind and emotions.

Great for positivity, energy and concentration.

Burn this in your home office to help keep you focused, or gift it to someone at the start of a new job to wish them a positive and fulfilling career.

Our 280ml candles burn for around 50 hours.

When ordering, please add in notes section if you would like Gift tube included.

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