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CORFU 2.0 Candle

Greek Basil + Lime Zest

Welcome to Corfu, a unique and totally captivating candle crafted with a mix of Greek basil, lime, and pure essential oils. Combining vibrant citrusy notes with a light, creamy texture, Corfu is a scent experience unlike any other.

Designed with focus in mind, this candle helps improve concentration and mental clarity, especially beneficial during times of menopause or brain fog. Corfu’s essential oil blend is specially formulated to give you a natural boost of energy while calming your senses with its smooth, meditative aroma.

Every Corfu candle is hand-poured in small batches with all-natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. Enjoy the flickering, calming light as you breathe in the enchanting citrusy scent and drift off into a peaceful state of focus.

Light up your evenings, your office, or any space with Corfu and experience the luxurious scent and calming atmosphere for yourself. Get rid of brain fog and fatigue once and for all and let Corfu restore your focus today.

Great for positivity, energy and concentration.

Our 280ml candles burn for around 50 hours.

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