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Corfu 2.0 XL Reed Diffuser

Greek Basil + Lime Zest

Introducing Corfu 2.0 reed diffuser XL 500ml, the all-natural and invigorating essential oil reed diffuser that will transform your home or office into a peaceful, mediterranean-inspired sanctuary. Using a unique blend of greek basil, lime and other energizing essential oils, Corfu 2.0 reed diffuser XL will help you focus, reduce brain fog, and combat stress and menopause symptoms.

Each diffuser is filled with a citrusy blend of energizing essential oils that capture the essence of the Mediterranean. A single, oversized bottle of oil will last for months, releasing a light, refreshing scent to large rooms. Its natural ingredients are inspired by the sea and its shoreline, evoking a sense of calm and relaxation.

Corfu 2.0 reed diffuser XL is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a soothing atmosphere in their home or office. No more feeling of exhaustion and brain fog; just a feeling of calm, clarity, and energy. So, take some time for yourself, breathe, and enjoy the inviting, energizing scent of the Mediterranean with Corfu 2.0 reed diffuser XL.

Great for positivity, energy and concentration. 

Perfect for your large open living room space.

500ml clear glass bottle with synthetic cork stopper and white reed diffusers



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