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SICILY 2.0 Reed Diffuser

[previously known a Tuscan Summer]

Neroli + Petitgrain + Lemon

This reed diffuser is the matching scent to the Sicily 2.0 Candle, a perfect way to scent the room all day without having to keep an eye on a burning candle.  A delightful combination of neroli and petitgrain from the orange tree mixed with lemon oils are a burst of fruity sunshine. This powerful scent fills any room with high energy and the light, carefree spirit of summer - perfect to cheer up any day.

The Scentiment

This potent mix of natural ingredients has the ability to positively enhance your mood. The lemon oils are sharp, fruity and refreshing. Combined with the other ingredients, the result is a lighthearted, citrusy scent that can help ease feelings of stress. 

Great for happiness, positivity and contentment.

Place this in your living spaces to lift the mood and bring summer to the house, or gift it to a friend who needs a boost in mood or vitality.

100ml re-usable glass bottle with natural grey reeds

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