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SYDNEY 2.0 Reed Diffuser

 [previously known as Sydney’s Sunrise]

Patchouli + Lavender

This reed diffuser is the matching scent to the Sydney 2.0 Candle, a perfect way to scent the room all day without having to keep an eye on a burning candle.  A light and rejuvenating fragrance feels like an early morning walk on the wave swept Bondi Beach.  This tranquil and calming scent brings a light, fresh and subtle aroma to any room.

The Scentiment

Exotic and floral patchouli essential oils complement the calming lavender. Patchouli is often used for meditation and helps to achieve relaxation and alleviate stress. Lavender promotes calmness and wellness, and can even help with pain management. 

Great for relaxation, calming and meditation.

Use this in your bedroom to prepare for a deep, restorative sleepor gift it to your busiest family or friends to remind them to take time to relax.

100ml re-usable glass bottle with natural grey reeds.

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