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SICILY 2.0 Candle

Neroli + Petitgrain + Lemon

280ml / approx 50 hour burn

Experience a burst of energy and joy with Sicily 2.0 - the candle that was designed to help create a sense of well-being from the moment you light it. This candle is perfect for those seeking to make their home a destination inspired by the sun-drenched Italian island of Sicily.

The Scentiment
Crafted with natural essential oils, this candle awakens both your body and mind while its light lemon & lavender notes offer a whiff of positivity. The essential oil blend of Neroli and Petitgrain is perfect for supporting menopause symptoms, while the traces of citrusy lemon and lavender notes adds an infusion of destress and happiness.

Each Sicily 2.0 candle is hand-made with premium, long-burning soy wax and with a quiet burning wooden wick. It features a signature lid that echoes the charm of the Italian island and its scents.

Let Sicily 2.0 bring the sunshine and energy of Italy to your home - light it anytime you want a good mood, a sense of well-being and positivity!

Great for happiness, positivity and contentment.


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